(Noonatea) Moonlight – Prologue

Chandra Dirgantara Winata


Sometimes you fight what you are, and sometimes you give in to it. And some nights you just don’t want to fight yourself anymore, so you pick someone else to fight.

And i fight for her, because it’s ‘her’.

Denathan Atlaric


if feeling is something that can be controlled or changed, i wish i could change my feeling towards you. the feeling that as same as yours.

oh i wish so,

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[Noonatea] Our Wedding – 8

Mendengar hal ini rasanya seperti

mendapat sebuah tamparan

menjalankan sebuah pernikahan

bukan atas dasar saling mencintai

melainkan atas dasar

untuk menolong seseorang yang membutuhkan

cinta dari seorang wanita


Author : Noonatea

Cast : Byun Baekhyun – Hwang Shihyun

Genre : Marriage life – Drama – fluff

Leght : Chapter

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